Anna Yusim, MD

Mental Health, Wellness & Spirituality Keynote Speaking New York

Keynote Speaking Specialties: Mental Health, Spirituality, Wellness, Executive Leadership, Longevity, Psychedelics

Dr. Anna Yusim is a sought-after speaker, typically presenting at 1-2 events per week. She has presented her work at academic and medical centers all over the country, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Columbia. She regularly appears at popular health and wellness events, such as the Goop Health Summit, speaking on topics including mental wellness, spirituality, psychedelics and longevity.
Dr Anna Yusim - Keynote Speaker in NYC

Dr. Yusim also regularly does events at social clubs (e.g. The Players Club), churches (e.g. Davis Community Church), synagogues (e.g. The Kabbalah Center), and community organizations (e.g. Manhattan JCC).

She also gives keynotes for physicians, lawyers and corporate professionals worldwide on topics like transforming fear, overcoming burnout and maximizing workplace fulfillment. 

She conducts workshops at places like Kripalu, the Omega Institute and the Copper Beech Institute to empower individuals to sharpen their intuition, cultivate authenticity, awaken self-compassion, transform their fear, enhance their capacity for empathy, and improve their ability to connect with others.

Speaking Topics

  • Mental health and wellness
  • Spirituality and personal growth
  • Overcoming adversity and challenges
  • Finding purpose and meaning in life

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