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Devote time to connect with your SOUL!

Meditation is a state of introspective contemplation and focused awareness that originated thousands of years ago
to improve spiritual and emotional well-being.

Anna Yusim, MD has created a unique set of guided meditations that will help you to connect to your soul and find your inner peace:

  • Meditation for Soul Searching: What Do You Most Deeply Want?
  • Meditation for Deep Relaxation
  • Meditation for Cultivating Mindful Presence.
Silhouette Of A Women Meditating On The Beach

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Before starting your meditation practice, remember to remove any distractions from your environment so you can surrender fully to the process. Put on comfortable clothing and go to your favorite part of your home or a beautiful place in nature. You may want to light some candles and incense, or put on some relaxing music to help create a peaceful atmosphere. And when you are ready, sit in a comfortable position, then begin…

We’re happy to have you onboard and wish you all the best with your journey!