Anna Yusim, MD

Holistic Events and Workshops with
Dr. Anna Yusim

Past Events:

April 30, 2023The Science of Spirituality and the Power of Therapeutic Sound; Bridge Healing Arts Center
April 13, 2023Transforming Fear into Greatness Workshop
February 3, 2023Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelic Substances, a panel discussion with Edith Shiro PhD, Ruby Castellanos MD, & Erin Haskell EdD, hosted by Cannadelic Miami, The World’s Largest Cannabis & Psychedelics Convention
February 2, 2023Intersection of Mental Health in Coaching, hosted by The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit
October 25, 2022Learn How to Break the Rules and Live Your Life, hosted by Minding Your Health Academy
October 8, 2022The Science of Spirituality and the Power of Therapeutic Sound
August 4, 2022Intuition, Synchronicity, and Spirituality in Your Creative Process, a presentation at The Creativity Conference at Reykjavik University
July 7, 2022Helping People with ADHD Reach their Full Potential, hosted by Inflow
June 9, 2022Intuition, Synchronicity, and Spirituality in Your Coaching Practice, hosted by The World Business & Executive Coaching Summit
June 3, 2022How to Manage Your Well-being in Times of National Tragedy, hosted by Zen City
April 12, 2022Unlock Your True Self
March 22, 2022Journey to Self: How to Thrive after Divorce, hosted by Genea Miller
February 23, 2022Unlock the Keys of Success and Harmony: How to De-Clutter Your Life, hosted by Stephanie Radler
January 27, 2022How to Create Freedom, Vitality and Integrity in Your Life and Work, hosted by Sandra Raman
January 3, 2022Accessing Your Best Life: A Virtual Summit, hosted by Marianna Manessi
December 20, 2021Powerful Tools for Dealing with Difficult Emotions: A Virtual Presentation for MG100 Executive Coaches
July 19, 2021Secrets to Career Success: A Woman's Virtual Leadership Summit, hosted by Tara Reinbolt
June 24, 2021The Evolution of Mind, Body & Spirit at The Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington, CT
June 21, 2021A Spiritual Path: How to Live a Vibrant, Fulfilled Life, hosted by Valeria Teles
June 15, 2021Does Brilliance Necessitate Madness: A Psychological Examination of the Nature of Genius. The Creativity Conference, hosted by Maxim Jago
June 11, 2021The Quantum Mental Health Summit hosted by Dona Biswas, MD
April 24, 2021The Science of Spirituality Workshop at The Angel Cooperative
March 5, 2021Integrative Conversations: Spirituality and Mental Health; An Interview with Juniper Owens from the Academy of Integrative Health
September 7, 2020The Integrated Feminine Online Symposium with host Aaron Kleinerman
July 2, 2020MG100 Presentation with Dr. Julie Rosenberg: Understanding, Managing & Overcoming Fear in COVID19
May 1, 2020MG100 Presentation: COVID 19 and Mental Health
January 23, 2020Online Creativity Conference hosted by Maxim Jago: The Link between Creativity and Madness
Nov. 16, 2019:Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Summit, United Nations at 46th Street and 1 st Avenue, New York, NY
Nov. 3, 2019:Youth Well-Being Summit in New York, NY
Oct. 20, 2019:Break The Silence: A Discussion of Friendship, Art & Mental Health, 58 S 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY
May 31 - June 2, 2019:Cultivating Authenticity Workshop at Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA
April 14, 2019:Deeping the Quest for Wellness, Keynote Speaker at Douglaston Women’s Club, Little Neck, NY
April 2, 2019:The Neuroscience of the Craving Brain, Manhattan JCC Open House, 334 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th, New York, NY
Mar. 27, 2019:Keynote Speaker at Queens Psychiatric Society Dinner, Queens, NY (Location TBD)
Feb. 27, 2019:Keynote Speaker at the Coffee House Social Club Dinner, 6pm, 20 W. 44th Street, New York, NY
Feb. 14-16, 2019:Women of Resilience Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Oct. 16, 2018:The Doctor is In, JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St, New York, NY
Oct. 10 - Oct. 13, 2018:World Association of Cultural Psychiatry
Oct. 11, 2018:Presentation with Dr. Helena Hansen on Cross Cultural Psychiatry and Spirituality
Oct. 13, 2018:Presentation with Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Judith Orloff on Spirituality Culture and Mental Health
Oct. 4, 2018:Therapist Training at NYC Counseling, 1110 Second Avenue, New York, NY
Sept. 16, 2018:Brain Symposium, JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St, New York, NY
Sept 14 - Sept 16, 2018:Cultivating Authenticity: Awakening Self-Compassion & Reconnecting with Your Sou, Copper Beech Institute, West Hartford, CT
June 2, 2018:Become More Whole with Eben Alexander M.D. and Karen Newell in Rockport, Maine
February 26, 2018:Talk at Harvard's MacLean Borden Cottage on Addiction, Psychiatry and Spirituality
February 24, 2018:Harnessing Personal Power in Camden, Maine
January 27, 2018:Featured Speaker at in goop Health Summit
Jan 20, 2018:Keynote Speaker at Music X SAP Event in New York, NY
November 29, 2017:Private Workshop for Nushu Society in NYC
November 10, 2017:Manhattan Jewish Experience Shabbat Dinner Guest Speaker
November 2, 2017:Dinner Workshop on The New Landscape of Modern Love
October 26, 2017:Addiction Workshop at New York Center for Living
October 24, 2017:Workshop on Healing and Spirituality at Theta Healing NYC
October 19, 2017:Discussion with Dr. Srini Pillay at Academi of Life
Sept 23, 2017:Talk at Yale Medical School’s PsychSIGN Annual Conference
Sept 18, 2017:Private Event at Home of Yana and Lenny Cohen in Chicago, IL
August 18, 2017:Young Jewish Professionals Heritage Shabbat Dinner with Dr. Anna Yusim
​July 18, 2017:Rooftop Book Discussion with Manhattan Jewish Experience
July 10, 2017:Book Event at the Kabbalah Center
June 27, 2017:Passion House event by Style Lend exploring relationships and the power dynamics that occur when dating in NYC
June 26, 2017:Book launch Event at Zirkova house