Anna Yusim, MD
empath self-care and grounding

Empathic Shielding and Spiritual Grounding for Empath Self Care

An empath is a highly sensitive person who is sensitive to people’s energy and emotion.

There are different types of empaths in the world. There are emotional empaths, who are in touch with the emotions of the people around them, and physical empaths, who sense physical issues, such as pain or discomfort.

There are also intuitive empaths, medium empaths, and telepathic empaths, who are able to connect with deep intuition, supernatural abilities and connections to the spirit world. Animal empaths are sensitive to the needs of animals, Earth empaths sense the needs of the natural world, and geomantic empaths connect to the energy and emotions of specific locations.

If you are a sensitive person who is aware of people’s feelings, or the level of suffering in their physical body, you are most likely an empath. This means you have a high sensitivity and empathy to people’s emotions and energy levels.

You may also be aware of Earth energy and the energy field that connects all things, both living and non-living. An empath may learn to master techniques of using healing energy to help others with energy healing therapy.

However, the empath is also at risk of injury from negative energy that might be present in a social situation. Psychic attacks may come from energy vampires who seek out empaths. As an empath, you must learn to protect yourself.

Empathic grounding can help to protect you from psychic attack and energy drain.

Grounding techniques are ways to connect as an empath to Mother Earth. By grounding, you are able to benefit from the positive energy that emanates from our loving planet that protects us and supports life.

One way to practice grounding is to literally connect with the earth by placing your feet or hands directly on the ground, sensing the vibration and healing energy that comes from nature and from deep in the Earth.

When you connect with the Earth energy, you ground yourself, existing mindfully in the present moment, allowing your energetic body to heal, recharge, and refresh. You can feel it from your root chakra, all the way throughout your entire body.

As you ground and take a deep breath, anxiety melts away. Grounding is a perfect way to overcome the effects of negative emotions, negative energy and unwanted energy.

In addition to touching the Earth, you can also ground through meditation, including guided meditation. Meditation and mindfulness are excellent ways to ground and recover as an empath living in a world filled with people, energy, and emotions.

Establishing healthy boundaries is an excellent first step to developing protective life strategies as an empath.

If you are an empath, grounding is an important method for protecting yourself long-term from the effects of negativity in the world. You can help others by absorbing the painful feelings that emanate from their beings, but it is draining and tiring.

You must practice self-care and give yourself time to recover from these experiences. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is time to think about boundaries you have set to protect yourself from the people in your life.

To start, you may make the decision to cut energy vampires from your life. It is not fair to you to allow people to be around you who want to harm you and take advantage of your empathic abilities.

Even when your family, friends, and coworkers have the best intentions, they may drain your energy, unintentionally. Those who know you are an empath may feel sympathy for your situation and help to protect you from being overwhelmed by the emotional pain of others.

If you are an empath, you may want to read the Empaths Survival Guide for more information. No matter what kind of empath you are, learning about empathic grounding will help you to live a happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life.



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